Keyboard Stroke Frequency Analysis

Count and show keyboard strokes.

Koans Games

Introduction to Koans -- a simple but helpful toolkit for learning Ruby.

About VIM and It’s Philosophy

This is a post gabbing my personal thoughts about VIM.

Nachos Notes -- Preparations

First assignment of operation system courses.

GTD - The First Impression

My first impression of GTD (Getting Things Done), which is a very interesting and somehow practical theory.

The Isla Del Sueño Migrant Boats

This is the second assignment of visualization course, using dataset from VAST Challenge 2008. VAST is short for IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology. Challenge for designing and analyzing visualization tools and tasks is held every year.

News Visualization Sketch

Boss gave us one week to do a news visualization sketch, but he forgot it himself. It is a little upset to throw it into trash, so I put it here.

Airline Visualization

This is a tool for visualization course assignment. With this tool, you can easily explore an airline dataset in a more comprehensive way.

Use MacRuby for the first time

My first impression of using ruby in a project for the first time.

A visualisation example -- Histroy Flow

This is a post introducing a practical visual tool called History Flow produced by Fernanda B. Viégas, et al.

Quadratic Curve

Interactive quadratic curve.

Circle Play

This is a just-for-fun page. Drag a picture in the box and a circle will pop out. Move your cursor above it and see the magic.

What's happening when you use "Pen" tool in Photoshop

A simple Bézier curve animation.

How to build a blog with Octopress

This is an introduction of building a static blog with octopress.